Policy & Provider

The POLICY & PROVIDER COMMITTEE combined the Hospital & Health Center Committee and the Public Policy Committee. This committee monitors healthcare policy and laws that affect health insurance coverage and access for individuals, children and families as well as healthcare policies affecting hospitals and health centers in Indiana.

Committee Function

The committee works with all local coalitions, IHA, IPHCA, ISDH, IRHA, MCEs, and other statewide organizations/associations to identify important policy issues and advocate best practice strategies for enrolling  and retaining children and families in Medicaid, CHIP, HIP and Marketplace.  The committee recommends policy positions and strategies to the Executive Committee and the Board that promote health coverage and improved access to healthcare for all residents of Indiana.  The committee is primarily comprised of individuals interested in policy advocacy for CKF-IN, hospitals and community-based clinics.

Committee Leadership

Committee Chair: Brian Tabor, Vice President of Government Relations, Indiana Hospital Association

Committee Co-Chair: Georgiana Reynal, System Director, Advocacy and Government Relations, St. Vincent Health

Committee CKF-IN Staff: Caitlin Priest and Marci Toler
Meeting Minutes