Advocacy & Policy 

Covering Kids & Families of Indiana's mission is to promote and facilitate healthcare coverage through building coalitions that enroll, educate, and support Hoosiers and through advocating for strong and inclusive public policies.

2017 Public Policy Priorities

  1. Increase healthcare enrollment and retention rates while addressing coverage gaps  
  2. Advocate for increased healthcare access, coverage and funding with federal, state, and local administrative entities 
  3. Actively participate in dialogue to ensure that national healthcare policies are considered, communicated and implemented in a manner likely to protect or expand coverage and access 
  4. Collaborate to both improve school-based healthcare services and to increase student access to such services 
Other areas of concern to be monitored, supported and addressed:
  1. Efforts to promote healthy lifestyles through education, prevention programming, and intervention strategies
  2. Policies, funding and programs designed to address opioid abuse, other substance abuse, and related issues 
  3. Creation and enforcement of rules and laws ensuring mental health parity, inclusive of both coverage and access 
  4. Support legislation and rules that improve healthcare access through the increased availability and support of quality healthcare professionals 
For more information, contact Mark Fairchild, Director of Public Policy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Policy & Provider Committee, contact Mark Fairchild

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