CKF-IN  Committees

Executive Committee
The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be composed of the four officers of the corporation and any additional members duly elected by resolution of the Board.  The committee shall be chaired by the Board Chair and shall act on behalf of the Board of Directors.  Actions taken by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Board and ratified when appropriate. The Executive Committee shall meet monthly and shall be responsible for the implementation of programs, policies and finances of the Organization.  The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall also act as the PERSONNEL COMMITTEE for the corporation and shall be responsible for implementing all personnel policies approved by the Board.  

Finance Committee
The FINANCE COMMITTEE is responsible for direction and oversight regarding the overall financial management of Covering Kids & Families of Indiana, Inc.  The Committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer, and shall include as members the Board Chair and any other members the Treasurer appoints. The primary functions of the FINANCE COMMITTEE include:  (1) review and recommendation of the annual budget for final approval by the full Board; (2) long-term financial planning; (3) monitoring actual vs. budgeted financial performance; (4) review and approval of all local, state and federal financial reports and other reports authorized or requested by the Board; and (5) selecting and monitoring any outside audit, employee benefit or other financial management contracts.  

Governance Committee
The GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE will identify and address governance and organizational development issues that affect the viability of Covering Kids & Families of Indiana, Inc.  This includes, but is not limited to, development, revision, monitoring and enforcement of governance policies, Board Manual, and Bylaws.  This committee shall be responsible to review these policies annually and to recommend any changes to the Board.  Furthermore, the Governance Committee shall recruit and nominate members for the Board and plan and implement an orientation process for new Directors.
Local Coalitions Committee
The LOCAL COALITIONS COMMITTEE works with all local coalitions to support their efforts in implementing work plan strategies related to outreach, enrollment and retention. The committee will include at least one representative from each local coalition and will assist the local coalitions in measuring their progress and effectiveness, documenting demonstrated outcomes, promising practices and lessons learned, and developing innovative outreach, enrollment and retention strategies.

Policy & Provider Committee
The POLICY & PROVIDER COMMITTEE combined the Hospital & Health Center Committee and the Public Policy Committee. This committee monitors healthcare policy and laws that affect health insurance coverage and access for individuals, children and families as well as healthcare policies affecting hospitals and health centers in Indiana.  The committee works with all local coalitions, IHA, IPHCA, ISDH, IRHA, MCEs, and other statewide organizations/associations to identify important policy issues and advocate best practice strategies for enrolling  and retaining children and families in Medicaid, CHIP, HIP and Marketplace.  The committee recommends policy positions and strategies to the Executive Committee and the Board that promote health coverage and improved access to healthcare for all residents of Indiana.  The committee is primarily comprised of individuals interested in policy advocacy for CKF-IN, hospitals and community-based clinics.
Schools & Early Childhood/Indiana School Health Network (ISHN) Committee
The SCHOOLS & EARLY CHILDHOOD/ISHN COMMITTEE is a combination of the Early Childhood Committee and the Schools Committee.   Membership will include, at a minimum, IDOE, ISDH, FSSA, and should have at least one representative from the Board and representation from local coalitionS. This committee will focus on reaching uninsured children through statewide early childhood programs and initiatives; school programs and working with school health initiatives such as the Indiana School Health Network.  Responsibilities will include identifying best-practice outreach and enrollment strategies within early childhood programs, schools, state youth and family initiatives, health care organizations, state agencies, state youth and family initiatives, and coordinating the annual ISHN School Health Conference.