Committee Functions

This committee is responsible for working with CKF-IN partners to develop and implement both local and statewide marketing and communications plans.  The MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE offers opportunities to share best practices, new ideas/materials being used within local coalitions.  The committee helps plan and support local, statewide, and federal outreach efforts such as annual ACA Open Enrollment periods, Enroll Indiana campaigns, and others.   This committee also develops information and support for all CKF-IN committees through the website, the Annual Meeting, and the Annual Report.

Marketing & Communications

The MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE will include at least one representative from each local coalition as well as a member with marketing expertise. 

Committee Leadership

Committee Chair:  Johanna Carlin, Marketing Manager, MHS

Committee CKF-IN Staff: Doris Higgins, Marci Toler, and Norma Napoli

Meeting Minutes