2018 Request for Award Nominations

 At the Covering Kids & Families of Indiana 16th Annual Meeting on Tuesday December 5, 2018, we will present awards to two outstanding partners.  We would like to request your nominations for the Governor Frank O'Bannon Award and the Covering Kids & Families Community Leadership Award.  The Richard G. Lugar Healthcare Leadership Award is not awarded annually; however, any nominations submitted this year will be considered by the Selection Committee. Nominations should include a narrative that describes how the nominee fulfills the award criteria, providing examples as appropriate.  Note that nominations may only come from any Covering Kids & Families coalition and/or Board or committee members and each member may nominate only one person for each award.  Please identify who submitted the nomination. 

Governor Frank O’Bannon Award

The Governor Frank O'Bannon Award will be presented to an individual that is a champion for the health and well-being of children and families in Indiana and directly contributes to the Covering Kids & Families of Indiana mission: “To promote and facilitate health coverage through 1) Building coalitions that enroll, educate and support Hoosiers and 2) Advocating for strong and inclusive public policies.”

  • Strong advocate for the health and well-being of Indiana children and families
  • Committed to improving statewide processes and policies that benefit Indiana families
  • Demonstrates leadership as well as effective cooperation and communication with statewide agencies and organizations regarding health-related issues
  • History of active support for the CKF-IN coalition for a minimum of one year

The Richard G. Lugar Healthcare Leadership Award
(This is not an annual award; however, nominations will be considered by the Selection Committee.)

The Richard G. Lugar Healthcare Leadership Award is a lifetime achievement award that will be given to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional personal and professional commitment throughout their careers to ensure that children and families in our state have access to affordable health insurance coverage.

Community Leadership Award

The Covering Kids & Families of Indiana Community Leadership Award is presented to an individual or group that demonstrates excellence through advocacy, support and collaborative efforts in an Indiana community to improve access to health coverage for Hoosier families within the past year.
  • Recognized by the community and the CKF-IN coalition for leadership, teamwork, innovation, and dependability in accomplishing tasks
  • Promotes new partnerships and opportunities through active involvement in local community
  • Serves as a model for effective practices and continually seeks improvements
  • Goes above and beyond to contribute to the mission of CKF-IN and to be actively involved in local CKF-IN activities
Enter the name of the person(s) or entity(ies) for the nomination
Please summarize below how the nominee fulfills the award criteria. Attach a short biographical sketch or resume below if possible. You may use extra sheets if necessary. You may also include relevant news stories or other supporting materials that you wish the selection committee to review.
Richard G. Lugar Healthcare Leadership Award   
2014     Paul Chase
2013     David A. Roos                             
2012     Katie Humphries
2011     Dr. Judith Ganser
2007     Dr. James Buechler
2006     Ken Stella                    

Gov. O’Bannon Award    
2017     Dr. Jennifer Walthall
2016     Joe Moser
2015     Lucinda Nord
2014     Beth Overmyer
2013     Dr. Sarah Stelzner                       
2012     Don Barnes
2011     Dr. Richard Hug
2010     Katie Humphreys
2009     Betty Wilson
2008     Secretary E. Mitchell Roob
2007     Senator Patricia Miller & Representative Charles Brown
2006     Alice Rae
2005     Doug Elwell
2004     Dr. Nancy Swigonski
2003     Judy O’Bannon
Community Leadership Award
2017     Volunteer Center of Fort Wayne & Kevin Evans
2016     Project Access
2015     Patti Hall & Kimberly Geronimo
2014     Family Voices Indiana
2013     Healthy Beginnings of Elkhart County
2012     Renee Fife
2011     Sherry Gray
2010     Southwest Perinatal Regional Advisory Board
2009     Mary Haupert & the Minority Health Coalition of Marion County
2008     Denise Dillard
2007     Judy Jacobs
2006     Toni Estep
2005     Ball Memorial Foundation
2004     Kathy Barone