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Since 2008, the Indiana School Health Network has been getting to the heart of school health by assembling key stakeholders, thought leaders and subject matter experts for the Annual School Health Conference. This conference provides people who are passionate about school health an opportunity to expand their knowledge, increase their skills, and collaborate with others who truly want to make a positive impact on school health in Indiana.


Thank you to all who attended the record breaking 2019 Indiana School Health Conference! Please share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter using #ISHN2019 or email your feedback.



JUNE 23 -24, 2020 




Kim Strobel, Strobel Education, Inc. -
Owner, Educational Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Kim's wisdom, positivity, and strength are evident in the inspiring workshops she presents to educators and school health advocates who seek to make a difference. As a former teacher, she knows how important support and encouragement are in creating a successful learning environment. For her Tuesday Keynote, Kim will present Remembering Your Why: Meaning, Purpose and Passion in Education.



Terry  Stigdon, Director
Indiana Department of Child Services

Terry J. Stigdon, MSN, RN, Director, Indiana Department of Child Services, has worked at the Riley Hospital for Children since 1998, where she began as a pediatric intensive care staff nurse before taking on progressively greater managerial responsibilities over the next two decades. For her Wednesday General Session, Terry will present Communities Supporting Children in Trauma.



Dr. Alan Breier, Senior Professor of Psychiatry
Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Alan Breier is the Indiana University Mental Health Research and Education Senior Professor of Psychiatry and Vice-Chair for Clinical Research in the Department of Psychiatry, Indiana University School of Medicine.  Dr. Breier established the Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC) in 2009, which is a treatment and research center for young people in the earliest stages of a psychotic illness. His team is currently investigating several novel treatments for schizophrenia including neuroprotective agents in first-episode psychosis. For his Wednesday Keynote session, Dr. Breier will presesnt Schizophrenia & the Importance of Early Intervention. 

The 2019 Governor & Cheri Daniels School Health Award

Carolyn Snyder, RN, BSN, MS

The Governor & Cheri Daniels School Health Award was created to recognize Governor Mitch Daniels and his wife, Cheri, for their leadership and contributions to the health of Hoosier adults and children through their work building and promoting INShape Indiana, creating the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), and supporting ongoing efforts to promote health in schools. Governor Daniels was the first award winner.

Eligible individuals are recognized as leaders and strong advocates for student health or a healthy school environment in Indiana. They have made outstanding contributions to improving statewide processes and policies that benefit Indiana schools, and/or they have promoted school wellness policies, school health behaviors, and related activities in Indiana.

Carolyn Snyder, RN, BSN, MS has had a long career devoted to public health and school nursing, working always to promote the health of all Hoosier children. She began her school nursing career in 1966 for the North Montgomery School Corporation and continued in that role until her retirement in 2001. Carolyn also served as the corporation’s drug prevention coordinator and sponsored the Parent’s Resource Institute for Drug Education (PRIDE) team.
Carolyn helped start Christian Nursing Service, a volunteer nursing service, that became the Montgomery County Free Clinic. She was part of the original board of directors in 1968 and still serves as the chairperson of volunteers. 
Carolyn has been instrumental in the progress of the Indiana Association of School Nurses (IASN) by serving as their Executive Director and getting involved in national efforts. In 2015, Carolyn collaborated to bring together the Department of Education, the Indiana Nurses Association, the Indiana Licensing Board, and the IASN to develop Delegation Guidelines for School Nurses that are still used by Indiana School Nurses today. Carolyn’s work with the Immunization Division of Indiana Department of Health has become her passion. She worked alongside others to increase utilization of the Children & Hoosier Immunization Program (CHIRP). As a policy advocate, Carolyn has testified in front of the Indiana General Assembly regarding bills that preserve the health and safety of children. 
Carolyn ensured IASN worked with the Indiana School Health Network from its inception and has been instrumental in the success of the School Health Conference. Despite being retired (again), Carolyn continues to do good work to promote the health of children in Indiana.


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