ISHN Exhibitor Information and Registration

The Indiana School Health Network and its lead agency, Covering Kids & Families of Indiana, strive to be on the leading edge of change and invite you to join us for the 11th Annual School Health Conference.

A wide variety of disciplines are planning to attend our conference including elementary to post-secondary educators, principals and school board members, school nurses, public health nurses, social workers, managed care professionals, government program associates, hospital administrators and staff, federally qualified health center and school based health center leadership, and school health experts from across the nation with interest/expertise in early childhood and child health, obesity prevention, immunizations, coordinated school health and public health. This conference provides you with an opportunity to reach out to these constituents. Additionally, we believe the information and resources that your organization provides is an integral part of our success.

On behalf of the Indiana School Health Network and Covering Kids and Families of Indiana, thank you in advance for your support as an exhibitor for the 2019 Indiana School Health Network Conference. Please complete the form below and contact us with any questions.
Tuesday, June 25th  Set-up: By 7:00 am
 Breakfast with Exhibitors: 7:00 am – 9:00 am
 Exhibit Times: (during breaks & lunch, subject to change)
Wednesday, June 26th  Breakfast with Exhibitors: 7:00 am – 9:00 am
 Exhibit Times: (during breaks & lunch, subject to change)
 Tear-down: TBD
Additional exhibitor information will be sent once the Exhibitor Registration is submitted.

Contact Norma Napoli, at 574-968-3624 or nnapoli@ckfindiana.org for questions.
(as will be displayed and acknowledged in print materials)
lunch available for one person per day
2019 Exhibitor Fee:

*Email ishn@ckfindiana.org for sponsorship information.
1. COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA reserves the right to decline, prohibit, deny access, or remove any exhibit which in its sole judgment is contrary to the character, objectives, and best interest of the Forum or suitable for its attendee audience. This reservation includes, but is not limited to, any violation of any public policy, or these rules and regulations and extends to persons, things, printed matter, products and conduct. COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA reserves the right to refuse applications of concerns not meeting standards required or expected, as well as the right to curtail exhibits or parts of exhibits that reflect against the character of the meeting.

2. Exhibits shall not obstruct the view of adjoining exhibits nor operate in any manner objectionable to other exhibitors. All lighting within the exhibit must be arranged and operated without distracting adjacent exhibits.

3. Upon receipt of an exhibit form, COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA will notify exhibitor with confirmation and send separate instructions.

4. No hazardous, radioactive or other dangerous materials shall be brought into the exhibit area.

5. Nothing shall be posted on, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors, drapes, or other parts of the exhibit structure or furniture.

6. Exhibitor agrees not to dismantle booth or conduct any packing before the move out period on Wednesday, June 26 at 3:00 PM without previous arrangements with conference staff.

7. There is no security personnel provided. The prudent exhibitor should not leave valuable articles unprotected. “Hand- outs” or gifts should be placed out of sight or locked during non-show hours.

8. COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA must be informed of any assigning, subletting, or apportionment of the whole or any part of the space allotted.

9. Exhibitor will receive a full refund, less a service charge of $50.00 for those who cancel on or before May 15, 2019. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after May 15th.

10. COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA does not maintain insurance to cover exhibitor’s property. Damage/loss as well as injury to person/s assembling or dismantling any exhibit is the sole responsibility of exhibitor.

11. COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA reserves the right to locate exhibitors.

12. Should the exhibition hall experience damage or destruction by strikes, Acts of God, a national emergency or other causes beyond the control of COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA, so as to prevent COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA from exhibit hours , the exhibitor will be charged for space only for the period the space was or could have been occupied by exhibitor; and the exhibitor hereby waives any claim against COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA, directors, officers, agents, or employees for losses or damages which may arise in consequence of such inability to occupy assigned space.

13. Exhibitor agrees to protect, save and hold COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA and the Indianapolis Marriott East Hotel and all agents/employees harmless for any damages or charges imposed for violations of any ordinance, and all other claims of losses, costs, and damages, including attorneys’ fees and judgments, arising from or out of or by reason of said exhibitor’s, its agents, employees, and business invitees occupancy and use of the exhibition premises, or any other part of the hotel, except to the degree of negligence or willful misconduct of COVERING KIDS AND FAMILIES OF INDIANA, the Indianapolis Marriott East Hotel, their agents and/or employees.

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