June 29, 2022

Mark Fairchild

Mark has a professional background in collaborative social services efforts, from grassroots organizing to leadership of statewide organizations.  He has worked with youth and adults with developmental challenges, children with behavioral difficulties, and also in child abuse prevention.  Prior to joining Covering Kids & Families in 2017, Mark served as Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers, Indiana Chapter.

In over a decade as a registered lobbyist, Mark has spearheaded a wide range of efforts to improve access to healthcare and health coverage through legislative and administrative pathways.  His passion is acting as an intermediary to bring the knowledge of frontline professionals to decision makers, while also educating Hoosiers on the legislative process and engaging them in policymaking efforts.  Mark’s role with Covering Kids & Families also includes improving knowledge of our services to stakeholders and the general public through various communication channels.

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